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Clinical Cannabis



If you are reading this you probably have a disease, pain or condition that you believe cannabis can help with.  Where do I get quality oil? What about side effects or contraindications with medicines?


This platform is designed to answer these questions and more because buying an oil without a consult to determine the strength, delivery system etc for your body, is like getting a script for a disease on line. Would you accept a script from a virtual doctor that has never seen you, not to mention done an examination?


Clinical Cannabis Consultations is a team of healthcare professionals that are collaborating to create a destination where you can get more answers about your disease, what may be causing the disease and what you can do to get cured. This includes supplementation, diets, exercises and whatever else might be relevant.


We also have access to a variety of suppliers who, depending on the type of condition you have and the oil you need, we will refer you to so that you are getting the best oil for your body.


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