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Let cannabis be thy medicine and medicine be thy cannabis

Clinical Cannabis



Prescription and referral


You will receive a prescription on what type of cannabis oil, products and delivery systems you will need for your condition


Medicine Check


Cannabis does enhance the effect of certain drugs while suppressing the effect of others. There are also conditions that will improve in a hurry rendering the need for certain medications void. If you do not know these side effects, you may find yourself experiencing strange side effects. If you are on any chronic medications you should choose this.


Lifestyle Analysis


The body doesn’t just malfunction. There is always something in your lifestyle which was the precursor to the disease. Lifestyle analysis includes advice on how to change your current lifestyle with ease.


Dietary advice


You are what you have eaten. Every condition from pain to cancer has an improved diet and supplementation that can improve the condition.


Exercise and Movement


The body is a system of energy and as a result certain types of movement and exercise can be a massive contribution in boosting the immune system, calming anxiety, and relieving pain. Every body is different though and so an individual approach is key.


  • Prescription
  • Referral
  • Medicine check
  • Lifestyle Analysis
  • Dietary advice
  • Exercise & Movement



  • Prescription
  • Referral


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