Yours questions answered

Let cannabis be thy medicine and medicine be thy cannabis

Clinical Cannabis



  •  1. Will I get high from cannabis oil?

    You can if you want. Most conditions need only small amounts of the psycho-active cannabinoid THC. The other headline grabber, CBD, actually negates the effect of the high. A good quality, medical grade, cannabis oil will be rich in CBD. Some conditions require large doses of THC in which case you use that kind of dose before bed and you simply sleep any high off.

  •  2. Why is cannabis oil so expensive if it is a natural product?

    How do you determine what is expensive? I can buy a cheap quality multi-vitamin with plenty of binders and fillers, and enteric coating which makes absorption next to impossible with the effect that it doesn’t work. That is expensive. Cannabis oil requires large crops to produce a small amount of oil. The processing of the oil is highly intensive and sometimes requires valuable equipment. Couple this with testing costs, manufacturing costs and the obvious profit which all manufacturers are working so hard for and you will come to realise that the margins are actually quite small relative to other natural products.

  •  3. Is Cannabis legal?

    Not yet, but we are hoping for a change in legislation soon. The recent ruling in the western cape has created an imminent change though which should lead to decriminalisation throughout the country. In the interim, you are really at little risk for carrying small amounts of medical grade oil. Police are more interested in the recreational drug abusers and sellers of recreational cannabis. Police who suffer from PTSD are using cannabis more and more to help them with their high stress lifestyles.

  •  4. How do I know if I am getting the right oil?

    If you already have an oil or a supplier, ask them to provide you with test results for their oil. If they cannot provide you with one, they have not had their oil tested. Fortunately for you, all of the oils from the people that we refer to have been tested for purity, strength and profiles.

  •  5. Why doe some oil come in syringes and some in capsules, drops etc?

    Different distributors have suppliers who supply them with oils in certain packaging. We find syringes a crude and difficult method of dispensing the oil. We prefer drops and capsules, with the occasional vape mix or suppository.